Remember the cliché “Crisis contains both risk and opportunity.” The core truth of that saying applies to our times in providing governmental services in the midst of responding to the COVID-19 pandemic. In our previous article, we discussed how western societies’ response to the COVID-19 pandemic exposed critical risks in many of our widely used governmental and business processes. Social Distancing has required many businesses, as well as government organizations to drastically, at least temporarily, alter the way services are provided to customers. These changes represent a unique opportunity to reassess those policies and their related delivery processes. However, that opportunity is time limited. Sooner (hopefully) or later, we will settle into a new normal. The problem is that unless leaders intentionally make the transformations that are necessary, the old risks, or even worse, will likely set in.


The elements of transforming a government organization as defined by our Rapid Government Transformation ™ (RGT) methodology, are as shown in the diagram below: