Kerry L. Bass is a sought after speaker on Quality Management, practical implementation of Lean Six Sigma leadership and team engagement.”

My presentations include:

  • “Let’s Get Real About Employee Engagement.”

    This presentation targets people leaders on identifying what’s in it for people to work with their organization and them as leaders. It also helps leaders think through providing value to their team members that provide value to the customers.

  • “An Introduction to the ASQ/ANSI G1 Standard.”

    This presentation provides government organization leaders an introduction and implementation framework for validating the maturity of their programmatic and operational services using the ASQ/ANSI G1:2021 Guidelines for Evaluating the Quality of Government Operations and Services.

  • “Dealing With The Challenges of e-Government.”

    This presentation list some of the top root causes of the continuing challenges to deploying e-Government and potential ways that government leaders can address them.

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